Durable Rope toys for Dogs

There aren’t many toys that last more than 5 minutes with my weimaraner Remy. He seeks to ruin all toys.

So far the only toys that hold as much as him are the most difficult Kong toys as well as the largest Nylabones so those are what we buy.

However, my dog likes to play tug of war, so I wished to discover him the most durable rope toy I might discover in the largest size.

It’s from a brand called Mammoth as well as we went with the largest size, the Mammoth Flossy Chew 5-knot rope toy in “Super XL.” It’s 72″ long!

The rope toy has lasted over 2 weeks so far as well as I expect it to be around for at least a couple of months.

This is not a sponsored post. I just such as this rope toy as well as wished to share it with you.

Durable Rope toys for Dogs – Mammoth Flossy Rope toy Review

The rope toys from Mammoth are available in all kind of sizes ranging from the XS 10″ rope toy all the method to the 72″ toy I bought. view them on Amazon HERE.

I went with the largest toy since I desired the strongest rope toy possible for my crazy, destructive dog. I was likewise hoping my two dogs may play well together with a longer tug toy. turns out my older dog Ace the lab mix still refuses to play tug with Remy. So we play individually however they both do enjoy the toy.

I’m happy with the rope toy’s resilience so far. Remy is able to pull small threads from it if he sits as well as chews on it, so I don’t let him play with it alone unless he’s hectic dragging it around or shaking it, which he likes to do!

He can quickly pull the little threads off the end of the toy as he does with any type of rope toy, so this is not something I can leave out all the time or he’ll eat it.

The long length of this toy seems a bit over the top, however it’s more fun to play with! It’s almost like a “flirt pole.”

Aká je cena?

The largest version of this toy, the one that we have, is $15.43 on Amazon. get it HERE.

Prices variety from $3.99 on up depending upon which size you go with. The routine XL (36″) is most likely finest for most dogs. We just decided to go crazy as well as get the longest length.

I’ll most likely buy one more one of these ropes every six months or so for my dogs.

What’s unique about the Mammoth Flossy Rope Toy?

These rope toys are more durable than other rope toys I’ve tried, as well as I like the wide range of lengths. You can select the very best length for your dog.

The business declares the rope fibers “floss” as well as clean the dog’s teeth, hence the name “Mammoth Flossy.”

I suppose it would floss the teeth a bit however that’s not why I bought this toy.

I got it since my dog likes tug of war as well as I believed it would be an additional method to exercise him as well as engage with him.

Pros of the Mammoth Rope Toy:

Comes in many different lengths

Durable as well as should last awhile

Fun for dogs!

Good cost & offered on Amazon

Good method to engage with your dog

Longer length makes it easier for two dogs to play tug together


My dog likes to chomp up as well as down the rope, so the longer length enables him to be more careless as well as accidentally bite my hands. This is more about my dog’s bad habits than the toy itself.

I would suggest the Mammoth Rope toy for …

I would suggest this toy for heavy chewers as well as any type of dog that like to play tug!

If your dog has a tendency to get excessively excited or aggressive during tug of war, this may not be the very best toy for her. Remy is quite intense at whatever he does, so we have to keep our tug sessions to five minutes or so. He just gets extremely rough as well as out of control!

I would not suggest the longer length if your dog has a tendency to chomp “up as well as down” on the rope since it’s simple for the dog to bite your hands. It’s difficult to explain however if your dog does this, I believe you’ll understand what I mean!

All in all, I truly like these toys as well as that’s why I wished to share it with you.

Ordering information

You can order this toy on Amazon. costs variety from $3.99 for the little size as much as about $15 for the largest size.

If you choose to order one, let me understand in the comments what you believe of it.

Does your dog like to play tug? What other toys do you recommend?

Please share this publish with anyone who may be thinking about these tug toys. say thanks to you!

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