Petcurean SPIKE pet dog Treats, Remembering to Reward Our Dogs

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Do you take your dog’s good behavior for granted?

Maybe you have a good kid like Ace who never barks, never has accidents and never chews anything.

It’s so easy to go through the day without acknowledging this!

But kid do I notice if my pet dog happens to “act up” like if he starts whining while I’m writing or if he pulls on the leash to greet another dog.

He absolutely gets my attention then, and it’s typically followed by “Ace, no!”

No wonder some dogs are “naughty” just to get our attention!

Ace will typically wag his tail when I scold him, like, “Ha! Gotcha to look!”

But I’d rather be a pet dog owner who encourages good behavior through random rewards.

Here are three basic ways to reward your pet dog for good behavior

1. use treats your pet dog loves!

Treats are not created equally!

Today I’m featuring Petcurean’s SPIKE jerky treats for dogs.

Ever used your pet dog a dry, bland treat only to have him neglect you? That’s not going to happen with these!

The SPIKE jerky treats are soft and smelly (in a good way!), best for unusual your dog. A good example of when I reward my pet dog is when he’s walking so perfectly on the leash.

These jerky treats can easily be split into tiny pieces so you can use a single strip to reward your pet dog often.

2. Reward your pet dog for good behavior you take for granted.

This is so basic, but we could all use the reminder.

Why not give your pet dog a little treat when you catch her doing the things you like? Such as:

napping on her pet dog bed

not barking when a neighbor pet dog walks by the window or

not jumping on you when you return home?

We pet dog owners typically take these good behaviors for granted.

And did I mention we’re getting a puppy next month?

I’m in for a disrespectful awakening!

Everything will be new to our puppy. He won’t know what’s expected of him – in any way – and will need lots of little reinforcements throughout the day in buy to learn.

I think it’s natural for people to reward and reinforce puppies.

However, our older dogs should have some rewards for getting it right, too.

3. mix things up!

When your pet dog is well trained and fits smoothly into your life, you don’t need to reward him every single time he goes potty outside or every single time he sits before you put on his leash.

BUT … it’s good to randomly reinforce these things with different types of rewards to keep things interesting for your dog.

Switch up the rewards you use (treats, praise, play) and try to reward your pet dog randomly for all his good behaviors here and there.

He doesn’t need a jerky treat every single time you pass another pet dog on a walk, but how about satisfying him for “watch me!” or “heel” the next time you pass a pet dog that’s extra distracting?

Some other examples of when you might reward your dog

When he sits before heading out the door

When he chooses to go lie on his pet dog bed while you’re eating

When he right away comes running when you call him in from the yard

These are all things a lot of mature, well-behaved dogs do all the time, and we just expect it of them.

Instead, let’s remember to reward our dogs every now and then for these good behaviors we take for granted.

“What a good boy!”

More info on Petcurean’s new SPIKE pet dog treats

The SPIKE jerky treats come in four flavors:

Venison (grass fed)

Cage-Free Turkey


Cage-Free Duck

They are all grain complimentary and made with all natural superfoods such as chia, pomegranate and kale.

It’s easiest if I just share with you an example. here is the full list of ingredients from its catfish jerky treats:

Catfish, pumpkin, molasses, whole chia seeds, pomegranate, kale, mixed tocopherols (a source of Vitamin E).

Petcurean Snack Bar for dogs
Petcurean also makes a snack bar for dogs, best for those backpacking or hiking trips with your dog.

The SPIKE Snack Bars are made with chicken meal and sweet potato. They’re individually wrapped and are made without by-products or man-made preservatives.

More about Petcurean

Petcurean is a Canadian company that supplies premium dry food and treats for dogs and cats. You may recognize its lines of pet foods, including Go! and now Fresh.

Ordering information

Petcurean’s products are sold at various retailers. Your best bet is toVyhľadajte svoj PSČ tu miesto vo vašom okolí.

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