Darwin’s Raw pet dog Food review + Giveaway

My pet dog Remy has been eating a 100% raw diet from Darwin’s natural Pet products for a couple of years now. He loves his food!

I’m ecstatic to be partnering with Darwin’s because I believe they are genuinely one of the best raw pet dog food companies out there.

This post is sponsored by Darwin’s natural Pet Products.

If you’d like to go ahead and buy some food from Darwin’s, they have an awesome trial offer going on. You can get 10 pounds of food for just $14.95! No code required. Kliknite tu.

Darwin’s Raw pet dog Food Review

The reason some people choose to feed their dogs a raw diet is because we believe it is a a lot more natural and healthy way for dogs to eat.

What is a raw pet dog food diet?

Feeding your pet dog or cat a raw diet indicates to feed him just that – fresh food consisting of raw muscle meat, raw organ meat, raw bones and often raw fruits and veggies. You know, fresh, real food vs. dry, processed nuggets.

Cooking the food destroys a lot of of the crucial enzymes and vitamins in the ingredients, which is why raw is the way to go. Plus, dogs are meat eaters! Their jaws, teeth and digestive systems are undoubtedly created to eat raw meat and bones.

I believe family pets can do ok eating dry pet dog food or canned food, but a raw diet is the healthiest way to choose nearly all dogs.

What I think of the raw pet dog food from Darwin’s

There are five main reasons why I love feeding Darwin’s to my pet dog Remy:

1. Convenience. Darwin’s delivers ground, frozen raw pet dog food to your door every two weeks with an auto-ship plan. The food is delivered in a box with dry ice, and the food is pre-portioned in 8-ounce pouches. Their auto-ship plans are flexible if you ever need to adjust, pause or cancel your plan.

2. Affordable. The raw food from Darwin’s is one of the most economical pre-made raw pet dog food brands available. Of course, healthy food is always going to cost more, so Darwin’s offer a few options:

Natural selections line: This is the company’s premium line made with grass-fed beef, cage-free poultry and organic vegetables. a lot more info here.

BioLogics line: This is their economical line made with conventionally grown beef, lamb, turkey, chicken and veggies from the same farms that supply our supermarkets. a lot more info here.

Such focus! waiting for me to say, “Break!”

3. top quality ingredients. Darwin’s uses USDA certified human grade ingredients from United Sates and Australia. The food consists of no steroids, hormones, chemical preservatives, grain or man-made substitutes.

4. Safe. Darwin’s makes its food fresh and then immediately freezes the food in vacuum-sealed packages.

Plus, my pet dog Remy is so delighted when I serve him his meals! He absolutely loves Darwin’s!

Try 10 pounds of raw food for just $14.95 – click here

Pros of Darwin’s Raw pet dog Food

Convenient home delivery on auto-ship
Pre-portioned in 8-ounce pouches
Balanced raw meals
Pouches are easy to store in your freezer
USDA certified human grade ingredients
Premium line available with free-range meat + organic veggies
Several protein options available (chicken, beef, turkey, lamb, duck)
Raw bones are ground in with the meat

You can get 10 pounds of food for just $14.95! No code required. Kliknite tu.

Any cons?

Of course, high-quality raw food costs a lot more than dry food

Also, Darwin’s may not be for you if you like to feed your pet dog whole raw bones vs. bones that are ground in with the meat.

Aká je cena? plus a special trial offer!

The economical line called starts at $3.49 per pound. This is much a lot more economical than a lot of other brands and uses only human grade ingredients.

Their premium “Natural Selections” line starts at $4.39 per pound and uses free-range meats and organic vegetables.

Special offer: You can get 10 pounds of food for just $14.95! No code required. Click here to learn more.

Darwin’s is a great way to begin feeding your pet dog a raw diet until you are comfortable making your own meals. It’s also a great way to supplement a homemade raw diet so you don’t have to make every single meal.

Example of the ingredients in Darwin’s raw pet dog food – chicken

Darwin’s lists out all of the ingredients of each line and flavor of food on its web site and of course on the packaging too. here is an example of the raw chicken diet Remy is eating (all meat is complimentary range and all veggies areorganické):

Kuracie mäso, kuracie krky (vrátane kosti), kuracie žalúdky, kuracie pečene, kuracie srdcia, priadze, rímsky šalát, mrkva, žltá tekvica, cuketa, zeler a petržlenovo, organický ľanový olej, morská soľ, inulín, treska, zinkový olej, zinkový olej zinok Proteinát, proteinát železa, proteinát medi, vitamín E, proteinát mangánu, tiamín mononitrarát a jód.

Ďalšie dostupné produkty:

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