How to train two dogs – individually or together? #GreenBarkGummies

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Tips for keeping both dogs challenged as well as happy

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Dog training is something I enjoy.

It’s not a “chore.” I look ahead to it.

Luckily, I have two extremely excited dogs at house who like training just as much as I do. They like the interest as well as the treats, as well as they seem to feel satisfied when they discover something new.

But having two dogs to train can be difficult, particularly when they’re at two extremely different levels of obedience training. One has 8 years of experience – hours as well as hours with me as well as many classes. The other discovered “sit” as well as “down” last week. „

Training two dogs at the exact same time

When we very first got our foster dog Lana (left) two weeks ago, I was believing my dog Ace (right) might be a excellent instructor for her.

[quote_right]they can only train together if we’re working on simple stuff.[/quote_right]What I quickly discovered is they can only train together if we’re working on simple stuff like “sit” or “stay” for about 30 seconds, like they’re doing above.

That’s all Lana can handle without some kind of correction, like me moving towards her as well as stating “uh-uh.”

Even a simple “correction” like that is stressful for Ace. He feels like he has done something wrong if Lana has done something “wrong.”

So, if I’m training them together I have to be truly fun and up-beat, as well as I keep it simple for both dogs. Otherwise, Lana gets as well distracted as well as my old guy gets stressed.

We’ve been training with treats from eco-friendly Bark Gummies, as well as you can see both dogs are extremely focused on these treats!

Training two dogs utilizing one dog as a distraction

Another choice is to put one dog in a down/stay on a mat while you work with the other dog.

Of course, this only works if you have a dog with a great deal of experience, like Ace.

I can put him in a stay on his blanket, as well as he will stay there while I work with Lana.

This is not difficult for Ace since he’s been around so many dogs, as well as he’s utilized to being the “demo dog” at obedience classes. If he’s told to stay, he quite much always does, particularly in our own living room.

While I’m working with Lana (look at that stupid grin on her face! Such focus!), I make sure to decrease eco-friendly Bark Gummies treats to Ace every 30 seconds or so to reward him. I tear the treats in half or I utilize the “small bites” size so they both get great deals of little pieces.

This technique truly works well for them, however of program there’s no method Lana would stay on a blanket while I work with Ace. That would be method as well difficult for her.

Which leads me to …

Training two dogs by rotating

This is the technique that works finest for Ace as well as Lana since their skill levels are so different as well as they get jealous of each other.

It’s just easier to separate them as well as work with each for about five minutes at a time. They both do a great deal much better this way, as well as I can tell they like to have my full attention. They just illuminate when we’re working individually! (Honestly, it’s most likely since I’m happier too!)

When I work with Lana, I just put Ace in my bedroom where he sulks. „

When I train Ace, I put Lana in her kennel with something to chew on. This is one more area where eco-friendly Bark Gummies are available in handy. I utilize the large-bite treats to stuff into her puzzle-type toys as well as she’s entertained. I’m grateful for that!

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