My finest suggestion For starting A canine walking company – The Waiting listing

I started a expert canine walking business in 2008, as well as I’ve written an ebook on exactly how I did it.

Because of that, I have a big complying with of people who want to ended up being canine walkers.

If you want to begin a canine walking company part time or full time, starting a waiting listing is the very first thing you ought to do.

You may think, “What? Why would I begin a waiting list? I don’t even have one client yet.”

Why you requirement a waiting listing when you’re starting a canine walking business

Because the waiting listing does three things.

1. It assists you gather a listing of prospective clients for when you’re prepared to leave your present task as well as begin walking dogs.

2. It enables you to reach back out to people down the road.

3. It puts you in demand.

Plus, when you’re an recognized canine walker you’ll requirement to state NO to a great deal of people. There are much more dogs in requirement of great canine walkers than there are great canine walkers to walk them.

Note, I didn’t state canine walkers, I stated great canine walkers.

Which are you?

Once you’re an recognized canine walker, you’ll requirement a method to weed with prospective clients. A waiting listing assists you do this. count on me, there are great clients as well as there are poor clients as well as you’ll discover to acknowledge which is which.

But for now, when you’re just getting started as a canine walker, let’s focus on exactly how the waiting listing can assist you TODAY.

The waiting listing assists you gather prospective clients, as well as it puts YOU in demand.

How a waiting listing can assist you gather clients

I don’t understand about you, however when I started walking dogs I had a full-time task with full benefits.

I helped a newspaper called the Fargo Foolum as well as was not comfortable just up as well as quitting my task without gathering a few clients first. However, it’s difficult to gather canine walking clients when you’re working full time.

So, what I suggest you do is publish the hours you want to walk dogs on your web site, even if you currently work one more task during those hours. likewise include the hours you’re currently able to walk dogs, if you’re able.

So, perhaps that implies you put your hours as 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. every day, even if you currently work five of those days.

Then, accept the clients you can realistically in shape into that routine best now, if any.

Put the rest on a waiting listing as well as reach out in a couple of weeks when you’re able to fit them.

Sure, you may not be able to accept any type of clients best now, however when you have four or five major people on your list, you may want to believe about leaving your task or cutting back on hours or whatever you can do.

See my publish on exactly how to get canine walking clients.


Someone named Karen phone calls or emails about needing you to walk her canine at midday Mondays as well as Wednesdays.

You would just state or email something like:

“Hey Karen. Ďakujem za tvoju správu. I’d like to assist you out, however I’m currently not able to fit new clients as well as have a waiting list. If you’re interested, I will reach out in a couple of weeks when I have an opening. Are you versatile on the time of day for Cookie’s walk?”

This opens up the possibility for flexibility.

Maybe Karen doesn’t truly requirement you at noon, however 10 a.m. or 3 p.m. would work just fine. perhaps she’s even versatile on which days you walk her dog. Some people can be flexible, others can’t (understandably).

You would data Karen’s info, as well as then reach out in a week or two to touch base. Either tell her you have an opening or let her understands she’s still on the waiting list.

Sure, a few of the people on your listing will relocation on as well as discover one more canine walker. That’s fine. They would’ve done so anyway.

The waiting listing enables you to keep track of prospective clients as well as provides you a expert method to keep in touch with them.

A few much more tips

1. Don’t mention on your web site that you have a waiting listing since that may stop some people from contacting you. Wait for them to phone call or email as well as then tell them about the waiting listing as well as put them on it.

2. likewise note that you don’t requirement to discuss why you have a waiting list.

“I’m not able to fit new clients best now as well as have a waiting list” is the truth.

It might be since you are THAT busy! as well as you will be, soon.

People won’t ask these details, so there’s no requirement to elaborate.

If you’re in a little town as well as concerned peopLE pochopíte, že pracujete v banke na plný úväzok alebo čokoľvek, čo to môže byť, potom si určite môžete diskutovať o niečo viac. V opačnom prípade nie je potrebné.

Takže to je môj tip. Začíname zoznam čakacích zoznamov ešte dnes. Ako vážne, dnes.

Dovoľte mi pochopiť, či ste túto techniku využili alebo či máte akékoľvek otázky.

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