Dog walking

I’m still discovering to let go of what others think.

What is our obsession with judging others, anyway? At 27, I am still figuring out what I want to do with my life. I envision this will be something I never rather figure out, as my goals will always be changing. as well as that’s a great thing.

I run dogs, as well as I pet sit.

That seems to be the description for me these days. I’m not happy with that. These descriptions do bit to define me.

I like costs time with animals. I like solitude. I like being out in the country. I like to write, take photos, produce art.

Spending all the time with dogs is a fantasy for many. I have what many people will never have.

I get emails weekly from strangers who congratulate me on doing something they would never have the spheres to do – stop their “secure” tasks as well as (gasp) walk dogs.

Walking dogs is a fantasy job. I can’t believe exactly how lucky I am.

I actually have my own fan club. I go to work as well as my “clients” are so happy to see me they cry. I have the flexibility to run anywhere I want to run. I take days off when I want days off. If I feel like composing for a few hours, I do. I get my doggy repair whenever I requirement it just be kneeling down as well as hugging one of my many, many finest friends. I make a meaningful difference for rescue dogs, as well as I bring excellent comfort to the dog owners who concern about leaving their “kids” at a kennel.

If there’s a much better task available than mine, please share.

But let me tell you, walking dogs is not all fun as well as games, either. It’s not “a walk in the park” by any type of means.

Running (or walking) all the time is not easy. There are days when I am exhausted. Bolia ma nohy. My knees ache. There are days when the poop bags rip as well as I get crap on my mittens, no joke. There are dogs that jump around me, as well as they are commonly muddy. There are dogs that freak out over something as normal as a piece of plastic blowing in the snow. There are days when I’m so bundled up that I’m literally sweating, even though it’s far, far below zero. sometimes I feel like my deal with may freeze off, as well as sometimes I feel like it will shed off. It doesn’t matter. I am “out in it” no matter what.

I’m available since I want to be.

In addition to the people who want to have my job, there are the people who seem to pity me since they decline to believe somebody can make a living with dog walking.

“Is that lucrative?” “Are you still walking dogs?” “Is that truly the very best concept right now?”

These are the type of concerns I still get from household members as well as “friends” even though I’ve had a successful dog running business for well over two years now. Really, if it wasn’t working out, I would’ve come up with a new plan by now. I’m an intelligent person.

From both sides of the spectrum – those who praise me as well as those who criticize – I see people who are extremely dissatisfied with their present lifestyles. They are working as well difficult at tasks they don’t care for in order to bring house what they believe is a secure, hard-earned paycheck.

I am so fortunate to understand that I am on the right path. I am discovering methods to do what I love, as well as it’s paying off for me as well as for others.

In his book “The method We’re working Isn’t Working,” Tony Schwartz asks the question:

Is the life you’re leading worth the cost you’re paying to online it?


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